The King’s Four Wives

The king who once ruled a great and powerful country had four wives. The king loved his fourth wife the most. He did not double what his wife said, he would give the best and the best of everything to her.
The king also loved his third wife very much. He was very jealous of this beautiful wife because he was afraid that one day she would leave him.

The king also loved his second wife. His wife, who was good and patient with him, would always be there for the king when he had a problem and would help him solve his problem.
The queen was the king’s first wife. Although this was his wife who loved him very much, loved him without expecting anything in return, and made the greatest contribution to his health and sovereignty, the king did not love his first wife and did not take care of her.

One day the king fell ill with a fatal disease. Realizing that he would die soon and fearful of being alone after death, he wanted to know which of his wives might want to share the death with him.

When the king asked his fourth wife, whom he loved most, if he would like to accompany him on his death journey, the answer he received was like a knife in his heart. This clear answer, said in a low voice, is “not possible”
“I have loved you all my life. Will you agree to die with me?” To his question, his third wife replied, “No, it’s good to be alive. When you die, I will remarry.” The king was once again destroyed.

“You were the one who always stood by me and helped me in every problem. Can you help me with this problem too?” Against his request, he received a reply from his second wife, “I can’t do anything about this problem, I will at most accompany you to your grave, have a nice funeral and mourn”
The king, who was in great disappointment, was startled by the voice of his first wife. “Wherever you go, I will be with you, I will follow you.” says his first wife.

The king was very happy with this answer and said to himself: “I wish I had one more chance”.
We are all four-partners in life. Our fourth partner is our body. No matter how much time, resources, and effort we put into making it look beautiful, it will leave us when we die.

Our third wife is our wealth and status… As soon as we die, she will be with someone else.
Our second spouse is our family and friends. The last thing these people with whom we share all our problems can do is to send us off from this world with tears in their eyes.

The first wife is our soul. Even if we leave this world one day, our soul will always make our name shine like a star in our hearts.” (Anonymous)