There Might Be Talents, Skills, Hidden in the Depths of Your Career

How aware are we of our abilities? There are many concepts such as talent, competence, skill, what is written, what we read, what is said to us. So how well do we know ourselves? How much do we care about our career story? Is our career shaped by our conscious choices in the details of a career journey that we have planned, with just a CV or where the wind takes us and swept it away?

This article is about a topic that I have seen in career development coaching sessions that I have held for a long time and that I find very important. “Many people – I am not exaggerating this – do not see an important part of the experience they have gained in their career journey, because they do not know how to look” It is not because people exaggerate their experiences; On the contrary, I say that because they do not realize some of their skills and abilities, they do not see themselves as sufficient or strong. The indecision about where, in which direction, how, to go creates an individual who cannot be satisfied with his career.

Each of the choices we make in our daily or career lives, the decisions we make, our fears, and our successes is a space, an opportunity, where we can showcase our talents. When you look deeply into these areas, there may be moments of happiness, moments of satisfaction, and moments of displaying your talents. Looking at your career from this point of view, looking deeply at the tasks you have overcome, not superficially, allows you to see the talents you have. In order to do these things, it is very important for a person to know himself, to know his limits, not to limit himself, but to what he can achieve. Even a simple task, job, project that you have to overcome contains many skills and competencies in itself. A wrong decision made includes a lot of new information and enlightenment learned in a wrong made. No one wants to remember the mistakes they have made, because making mistakes is negative and bad in our culture, but despite this, we can access many new knowledge and skills that we have learned through experience, just by examining the mistakes we have made in depth. We will see the values ​​and skills we have when we remember an “achievement” that we forgot or felt small in our career.

By forgetting how the time passes, a work, a job, a project, a talent we have, a behavior we are strong in with our inner motivation – can and does bring out; At that moment, we cannot even imagine that this will happen.

When we do not think about what our talents can achieve, when we do not think about it; If we cannot see how our career has developed and what skills we have come to today, how will it be possible to predict what our short-term or long-term goal will be, and to go there?

Unfortunately, many people still look at career development as getting an education. There are many people who believe that their careers do not develop and stall because they do not go to training in their companies. When they hear about “Career Journey”, there are those who believe that human resources or their own managers sit in the driver’s seat of the “career tool” and wait for them to sit. “My manager and human resources did not promote me” is such a familiar phrase. This has certainly not been so for a long time now. Everyone is holding the career wheel and directing their own career in their own “driving seat of the career vehicle”.

Where are you? What’s going on in your relationship with your career?

Even now, while I am writing every word of this article, as I read, you are going somewhere different from where you are. This is the level of consciousness that will go to the non-working professionals who work sooner or later: “We shape our own careers” Is it to talk behind someone’s back when a person in the next department is promoted, or to challenge a change of job, more responsibility, risk taking, stepping out of the comfort zone? A choice in both directions, one that must be made consciously, not accidental.

What is the starting point? The question may be meaningful. My answer will be to know yourself, to realize your values, strengths, talents and achievements. Everyone has all the resources they need to succeed. Your resources such as success, skill, talent may be hidden in your career story – your personal history. Now the name of the treasure hunter comes to my mind while writing these; The name talent acvisi also fits well here. Your skills and talents that have been forgotten in the depths of your career may be waiting to be rediscovered. In my career development studies, many of my clients acted as if they had learned something new when they realized the talents they had about themselves. A counselor expressed that I have a feeling of “like the joy you experience when you find something that you think you have lost and that you value very much.” Yes, it is a powerful feeling to know oneself and to feel that one’s career is in the driver’s seat. Making everything that hinders your development visible, planning and realizing the actions that will overcome them one by one requires a high level of commitment. To do and follow this without interruption, an outside eye, a consultant, mentor, coach will focus you on the goal you will reach, and will enable you to arrive faster.
Yours sincerely